Research Paradigm a multidisciplinary journal, published by Sree Narayana College, Punalur epitomizes the quest to institutionalize and internalize academic excellence.Though conceived as an intellectual force multiplier at the micro level to encourage scholarship and excellence among our teaching fraternity it is visualized in course of time to transcend its initial confines and emerge as a macro level cerebral throb.

The journal by its multidisciplinary nature,encourages discussions and debates over a wide range of topics related to Natual Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce,Artsand Literature.

The Researcher born from the concerted efforts of Dr. G. Jayasenan (Managing Editor),Dr.Shinny Mathews(Chief Editor),Dr.Divya sadasivan(Executive Editor)is ever sensitive to knowledge at itsfrontiers and hope to generate further discussions and memorable intellectuall culminations.


Major Research project(UGC Sponsored)

Dr.V. Arun, Assistance Professor,Dept.of Chemistry is granted Rs.11,24800 for his project entitled “Synthesis, Spectral characterization and crystal structure of Noval chiral N2O2 Schiff Base Complexes”.

Minor Research Project(UGC Sponsored)

Dr. Gopan Raj, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry is granted Rs. 1.50 lakhs for his project entitled “Studies on Chemical Variability in Essential oils of selected Euginia Species of Western ghats using analytical Techniques” (Submitted interim Report)

Dr. Divya Sadasivan, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathamatics is granted Rs 1.50 lakhs for her project entitled ” A Study of Numerical Method-Finite Difference and Spline for solving Transport Equations”

Dr. Arun S. Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics is granted Rs. 1.60 lakhs for his project entitled “Development of Nano Ferrites of High magneto crystalline Anisotropy: Potential Pre-requisite for High Density Data Storage Media”(Submitted interim Report)

Ms. Raji V., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry is granted Rs 1.25 lakhs for her project entitled ” Utility of Some Organic Compound Anchored Tetra-valent metal Acid Salts in Nano Form as Hetrogeneous Solid Acid Catalysts”

Research Guides in various faculties at University of Kerala

  1. Dr.V. Arun, Faculty of Science in Chemistry
  2. Dr. Arun S. Prasad, Faculty of Science in Physics

The Following Teachers Pursue their Research on various topics

Dr. S. Baiju
, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics on the topic entitled “Cover Incomparability graph and Forbidden Posets Characterization”

Dr. K. Sujathakumari, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics on the topic entitled ” some problems in Grammer system”

Ms. Mariamma Varghese, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics on the topic entitled ” Graph Theory”

Ms. Raji V., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry on the topic entitled ” Graph Theory”Studies of some Inorganic Icon Exchanges in Nanoform”

Shri. T. Shibu, Assistant Professor, Department of History on the topic entitled “Dalit Movement in Kerala since 1947”